Valentines craft ideas for kids


There are different ways to show one's love and affection. But the purest and most innocent ones are those from kids. So moms, take Valentines Day as the chance to bond with your kids as they do their Valentine's crafts for their playmates and classmates. Here are some craft ideas that you can share with your little angels while imparting to them the virtue of love and thoughtfulness.

Valentine hearty craft necklace. The materials needed are craft foam, lanyard, plastic beads, a hole puncher and scissors. With the use of the craft foams, cut two identical hearts that will be made into a pendant. Punch holes around the heart where the lanyard would be laced. Make sure that the holes on each heart match with each other. Then sew the lanyard around the edges of the foam heart. The same lanyard would be used for the necklace. Add up your creativity to combine different colors of beads and string them on each side. You can also decorate the heart with stickers and glitters.

Puzzles of the heart. This craft will enable you to reuse the old puzzles that have lost some of the pieces. This will surely be a good project that you can share. The materials needed are pieces of puzzles, spray paint, preferably red, poster board, old newspaper and glue. Lay the puzzle pieces in the newspaper and paint them using the spray. While waiting for them to dry up, make a heart skeleton out of the poster board. Then paste the painted puzzle pieces in the poster board until they fully cover the heart. For a thicker texture, stack more pieces excluding those with straight edges. The heart puzzles can be hung in the walls as decors.

Valentine puzzle pin. If you want to say I love you in a unique way, the puzzle pin will surely be a hit. You need puzzle pieces, spray paint, paint brush, craft glue, safety pins, and newspaper. Lay the puzzle pieces in the newspaper and use the spray paint. The color of the paint will serve as the background. Then, write your valentine message using a fine paint brush or a paint pen. Attach the safety pin at the back of the puzzle using the craft glue.

Valentine mice pencils. The materials for this craft are craft papers, pipe cleaners, pencils, hole puncher and marker or a black pen. Cut heart pieces out of the craft paper. On each heart, draw the nose and the eyes of the mouse. Above the nose of the mouse, punch two pairs of holes. Then thread the pipe cleaners at the holes to make the whiskers. Finally, slip the pencil behind the pipe cleaners from the backside of the heart.

Valentine heart plant photo. This craft would make a plant that doesn’t need to be grown, but surely it will last through. The materials needed are red and green craft foam, scissors, a small clay pot, permanent marker, plastic stick, ribbon, florist foam, glue and photo. With the permanent marker, write your valentine message on the side of and around the pot. Let the ink dry. Then cut heart pieces and leaves out of the craft foam. Stick a photo at the heart. Wrap the plastic stick with the ribbon and insert the leaves at the stem. Fix the florist foam at the pot and stick the heart flower.

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