Valentines Ideas for Men -Tips in Gift Giving


Most men find it hard to give a good gift for women. Even if they want to express their deep feelings, they always encounter this huge problem. They end up scrambling in department stores, jewelry shops, and all other places where they think they'll find the perfect gift for their woman. Asking sales clerks for a gift advice and having the gift wrapped at the store often gives a guilt-feeling to men because they were not able to give a special gift that would express their love for the most important person in their life.

If you're like this every time a special occasion, like Valentines Day, comes up, then you're not giving your woman the gift she truly deserves. Check out the following tips that might work in your situation:

Tip 1 - have your own cheat-sheet. For once, you can sleuth around her things and find out her exact size; from shoes, rings, skirts, blouses, panties, bras, etc. think of all the possible things she wears. What are her favorite things - flowers, show, animals? Although this move may seem silly, when valentine's season (and other occasions) comes, you can easily take a look at your notes to refresh your memory. Keep the list somewhere safe like your wallet because you carry it anywhere you go.

Tip 2 - scan catalogues. Observe what catalogues she constantly reads. Take note of the one that she's dog-eared at. You can jot down the items and web addresses that she marked.

Tip 3 - set your alarm. In today's times, there are many ways to manage time. Luckily, alarms can remind men in advance for special occasions that need attention. Include all important dates in your personal calendar. Special occasions like Valentines Day, anniversary, mother's day, birthday, and other important occasions that comes into your mind must be marked. If you want extra special points, you can take note of the important firsts like when you and your loved one first kissed, first met, or when you were engaged. You can set an alarm in your cell phone; make it advanced about a week or two to allow time for you to select a special and unique gift. You can check the URL's of the catalogue that your woman likes, and there you have it, a wide range of gift choices that piques the interest your special someone.

Tip 4 - know the phone number of your local florist. Gifts can be supplemented with flowers to make them extra special. Flowers are a great way to say 'I love you' during your anniversary, engagement, or in Valentines Day.

Tip 5 - do pre-buy. Even if you know some tips, sometimes you still blow it at some point. If you're pressured in gift-buying, shop around for a while and choose items that she likes. You can get caches of pre-wrapped goodies. But remember, you must only do this during emergencies; when you donít have much time because of a busy schedule or you need to do a very important thing.

Tip 6 - span gift. Want a tactic for giving gifts in advance? This will only work if you have an important event close to Valentines Day, about 2 to 3 weeks apart. Go out on Valentines Day and give her a gift certificate for the next occasion to come. In this case, you've nailed two important events in a thrilling manner.

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