Valentines Ideas: Telling the Tales of Valentines Day


February 14th is marked on the calendar as a celebration of love, promising an eternal passion, exchanging gifts, and others. Some people can really express their romantic side by creating poems of admiration and love. Others just purchase the commercially sold verses at gift shops.

Valentines Day can also mean chocolates, balloons, candies, red hearts, perfumes, and more. But have you asked yourself about the origin of Valentines Day. Knowing its tales is also important and sharing these to other people is a very simple and unique valentine's idea.

Ancient Romans heralded February as the coming of spring. This is the time for growth, rejuvenation, and fertility. In Rome, February is considered a festival for honoring the god of fertility. It is also a thanksgiving celebration for obtaining good crop and progeny.

Lupercalla's feast is celebrated on the 15th of February while the feast of Juno is commemorated on February 14th. She is considered the queen of goddesses and gods of all Romans. On the evening of Lupercalla's feast, eligible girls penned their names on chits. These chits are placed in a glass jar. Young men are then allowed to draw a chit individually. The name which he gets becomes his partner throughout the celebration. This is a Roman tradition of introducing eligible men and women from one another.

During the third BCE century, Emperor Claudius II became the ruler of Rome. Claudius then passed a cruel decree stating that young men within his empire are not allowed to marry. A priest named Valentine, who lived in this era, defiles it. He secretly consecrated marriages. For doing so, he was imprisoned and later on faced a death sentence. While waiting for his execution, he wrote a letter to his beloved and put his signature" from your Valentine". He then considered a martyr after he died. Later on, he was canonized as a saint and called him Saint Valentine.

Valentines Day is accompanied by other wonderful legends. Young people in Wales exchanged wooden spoons as gifts. Keyholes and hearts are carved on it. The giver is implying a message that the recipient captured their hearts or unlocked their hearts. In some places, men give clothes to women to propose for marriage. It is a sign that she is accepting the proposal once the girl wears the clothes.

Another creator of Valentines Day is Duke Charles of Orleans. During his imprisonment at the London tower in 1415, he wrote a poetical address for his beloved wife living in France.

Companies such as Hallmark are selling Valentines Day cards during the fifteenth century. Many people are buying little booklets containing verses. These verses are used in making their own version of valentines. Sometimes they draw illustrations of knights with his lady wherein cupid shoots arrows of love into the heart of the knight.

The popularity of celebrating Valentines Day in the United States began after 1723. The booklets from England are imported by many people and copied its verses into a gilt edged clean paper. In 1830, Ester Howard created the first American Valentines card named as Worcester Valentines.

The changing of centuries and manners of celebrating Valentines Day have already taken its very long journey in the hearts of young women and men. Thus, valentine's tales continue to live and influence people all over the world till this day.

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