Valentines Ideas: Showing Your Children That They Are Also Special


February is the month of celebrating love in its truest sense. Valentines Day is special all over the world. February fourteen is also the day of Saint Valentine who showed great acts of loving.

Love is everywhere thus a simple greeting can mean a lot to a person. Spending this day with your wife or husband is very precious. Nothing can beat the feeling of fulfillment inside your heart. But no matter how busy you are, never forget your kids. It is also important to make them feel special too. Although they may attend their school parties or give them valentines card, your effort to think about how to make the day memorable for them is great.

Most parents can somehow distinguish the difference between spoiling their children from showing their care. Demonstrating your love for the kids can be better expressed during Valentines Day.

There are some suggestions about the gifts that you can give and do things together with your kids regardless of their age.

1. Preschoolers and kids up to four years old. At this very young age, the kids must recognize the value of giving gifts than receiving it. Encourage them to utilize their time in doing something special for other people. You can make a bunch of cookies or purchase it. Let your kids decorate the plates where the treats can be placed. After delivering their gifts, reward them with an extra plate of cookies that they have prepared. Discussed to them why giving gifts and showing love to other people is important.

Gifts that can be given for these age bracket include personalized stuffed animals printed with their names, books showing love for children which they can read or color, taking them out for lunch, or start a start a valentine tradition such as visiting a zoo.

2. Young kids ages five to seven years old. These children can do more things. A party for making cookies can be done inviting their friends and their mommies to help. Let the kids make and decorate the cookies. Then help them to pass the cookies out. Bringing your kids to nursing homes or children hospitals to share their cookies on Valentines Day can be an amazing experience for them. Cookies can also be given to their grandmas, friends, and neighbors.

Kids love to create things. Provide them with amazing stickers and art supplies for a card making project. Still, rewards are needed for a job well done.

Gifts to give them include their personal favorite stuffed animal, movie treats, or purchase a movie for them if they don't want to feel it on movie screens.

3. Older kids, ages eight years old and above. Making cookies and cards are still appropriate for these kids. They will take more effort in making their projects show good results. Making scrap books is another perfect activity for them. Your kids can create their own memory book filled with their favorite memories and adventures. They can share this book to other people who are special to them.

Another great option is to send cards and pictures to important people overseas. Make sure that they are the one who send messages. In this way, they can have pen friends too.

Never forget to end your valentines day in thanksgiving and going out for pizza as one big happy family.

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