Valentines Ideas: Capture Her Heart by Irresistible Valentines Proposal


There is always a way in marking Valentines Day as the sweetest day to remember. If you are a man in love, then this is the right time to make a proposal. However, this is already romantic, so make sure an extra effort is made in making Valentines Day more enjoyable.

Helpful valentines proposal ideas can be incorporated in creating a memory you will never forget as long as you live together with her.

1. Proposing in a restaurant. Inform the manager about your plan. This is to ensure that she and you are going to have a great romantic evening. The manager can also provide you with additional ideas in making the best out of your wonderful plan. Some can even offer you a cake making you Valentines Day extra special. In fact, the "Marry Me" phrase can be put on the cake, so simple yet very sweet.

2. Proposing with candies. This can be done in many ways. Fill a heart-shape box with candies. Wrapped your engagement ring with a soft red paper and mixed it along with candies inside the box. Another way is to make give her a big bag full heart-shaped "Marry Me" candies. Then present her the engagement ring while kneeling with one knee asking her consent to marry you.

3. Proposing over the radio. This is appropriate if she regularly listens to her favorite station. You can speak with the announcer or disk jockey if it is alright to propose on his or her program. However, you must purchase a few airtimes as well as enough time for doing so.

4. Proposing with a surprise. If you are not a romantic kind of person, a romantic dinner is a sure bet to catch her heart. But make your proposal in a very unique way. You can talk to the waiter without her knowledge and request him or her to tie the ring on the ribbon of her menu. Another is slopping it around her drinking glass. Once she noticed the ring, immediately ask her to marry you.

Another very interesting way is to grab one of her favorite read novels. Glue its pages together sparing the center page. Cut a little hole into it enough to accommodate the ring. Put it on the top of her pillow or on the nightstand.

5. Proposing at the theater. If both of you love movies, the theater is an ideal place to make your proposal. Make sure that the theater allows you to do so. It is a great idea if you can get help from the manager and some actors. Another is purchasing some advertising space in a particular program. You can put your given name as well as her name plus the "Marry Me" phrase. Make sure she sees it

6. Proposing with roses. Visit a florist and request him or her to tie the engagement ring inside a bouquet. You can do this alone if you like. let her look for the engagement ring inside.

These proposal tips are truly special and perfect for your Valentines Day celebration together. You can be sure that wedding bells will be soon heard ringing. Never missed such a happy moment and take your time to enjoy it. After all, you are simply irresistible.

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