Valentines Ideas - Giving the Right Rose Color


As the month of hearts begins, a lot of people try to ignore their problems by thinking only of the pleasant things that surround them. Traditionally, there is a saying that's appropriate for individuals like them; and that is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

Women just love to receive flowers, particularly a rose. And to grace a special occasion like Valentines Day, giving your sweetheart a single rose (or even dozens of them) is the best way to show your love.

Roses come in different colors, so you can choose between a yellow, red, or even a blue rose. Different colors of roses seem to bring out different emotions from individuals. It's up to you whether you will stick with the traditional colors or not.

In almost every occasion imaginable, giving roses is like a tradition and regarded as a symbolic gesture that evolved through many generations. Before, if an individual gives roses, he or she should be well-aware of the color's meaning. If you were able to give the wrong color of rose, you're socially ostracized; well, that's a bit exaggerated already. But if you know the different meanings behind each rose color, you can give the right color of rose to the right person.

During the Victorian times, freedom of speech is not yet recognized. The people can't express their feelings freely. Many ideas about flowers and plants, and their symbolic meaning came from this century. The 18th and 19th centuries showed how the flower's language flourished in Europe and in the United States. Victorian people were able to communicate their deep and passionate feelings through the flower's colors in a way that is acceptable to the society.

Valentines Day is a day for lovers and for all people who love one another. The most common rose color is red. Romantic love is its symbolic meaning and for some it means passion and courage. If the person receiving the rose isn't aware of the color's meaning, a misunderstanding may occur. You should consider how the other person feels upon receiving the red rose. Her perception might be different from yours.

But red rose come in subtle variations like amaranth, cardinal, fiery, deep red, and burgundy and each have their own meaning.

Amaranth long desire Cardinal sublime desire Carmine false desire Fiery red blaze of passion Deep red bashful shame Burgundy unconscious beauty

What if you want to give a rose to a friend or an acquaintance? Then you can give a yellow rose. This color represents joy, friendship, sympathy, care, and delight. Before, it represented jealousy. Because of the yellow rose' ambiguous meaning, many people give this as a gift.

White roses are usually seen during weddings because it means happy love. It can also be interpreted as purity, spiritual love, charm, humility, and innocence.

Lavender roses and other purple shades exude majestic beauty. Pink roses come in dark and light shades. It symbolizes appreciation and gratitude, and sympathy, admiration or joy respectively. Orange roses express joy and enthusiasm. And if you want to express desire alone, send a coral rose.

Blue and black roses signify mythology and fantasy. Blue roses are not grown naturally. Florists just dye and dry them. Black roses mean death.

If you have difficulty in conveying your feelings in words, then try sending roses this Valentines Day. Carefully choose the color with emphasis on its symbolic meaning.

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