Valentine ideas especially for moms


There are numerous meanings and expressions for love, in every language and for every place. But even so, there is this universal day to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day has united the different cultures and beliefs into a festivity especially made for the heart.

But who said that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? This day also serves as a good chance to express gratitude to the most especial women in our lives…our moms. Here are some ways to show your mom how especial she is and how much she means to you:

• Give your mom a make over. Treat her to a spa and parlor and make her feel the most beautiful mom in the world. At least for a day, ask her to resign from the daily chores at home and have an exhilarating date, either with your dad or with you. • For the date thing, choose a place where your mom had never been before. If your mom is a music lover, take her to a concert that will play her favorite songs. But if you choose to rather stay home, prepare a little show and solicit intermission numbers from her children and grandchildren. Just the fact that you were united for a simple celebration is a big hug already. • If you are too busy and can only snatch a few hours from work, here’s an exciting activity. Pick up your mom for an unannounced trip. For an hour or two, drive her to beautiful landscapes and take pictures of her. • If your mom has a collection, find something that will add to it. To make it more special, have the items personalized. For example, most moms develop the habit of collecting pillow cases or bed sheets, so have her name sewn to the pieces. • An exquisite plant for a gift is also something moms will appreciate. Tie a red ribbon on the lid of the pot and paint your message. Surely, she’ll cherish this gift. • Treat your mom with a body massage. Ask some suggestions from a physical therapist if your mom has an illness that needs special attention. It will also be helpful to consult her physician for the dos and don’ts of your mom’s heath condition. • All the years when you were young, your mom had always pampered you. Now that you’re grown up, its time to play your part. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by serving her with her favorite dishes. Also, volunteer to do her chores for a week. • Compile your mom’s favorite songs in a CD. • Set up a reunion of your mom’s pals who are just in the neighborhood. Prepare a little party for the oldies and it will be a sure fun! • Surprise your mom with a bouquet of flowers and have it delivered by her favorite or closest grandchild. Attach a card signed by all her children and grandchildren.

No love will surely beat the profound love of our moms. And this Valentine season, it’s time to give back the love she has unselfishly rendered. Make sure that you paint a smile into your mom’s face and leave her with sweet Valentine memories that she’ll always cherish. She may forget the exact thing that you did or the words that you said, but the feeling will remain for the rest of her life.

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