More Simple Valentine Gift Ideas


Valentines has been a season of gift giving and treasuring of one another. It has been always expressing of how one loves the other. Some Just let the season pass doing nothing or just ignoring it as if it didnít came, but some prefer to spend it with lots of preparation to make it once again memorable and more special than the ones they had before.

Some people spend their Valentine's Day shopping for their loved ones but some people who do not have the money to do so think of some ways to make theirs memorable in an economical way, after all gift giving is not about how expensive your gift is but rather how sincere you are in expressing your affection to your loved one.

Here are some simple and economical ways that would help you survive the sweet season without overspending. Although flowers and chocolates always work, donít you think they deserve to rest for at least a decade or two? These two gift ideas have been so over used that they could have retired ages ago. So you might want to do away with those for a change.

You can do simple things for your girlfriend or if you donít have one why not for your mom? Try taking your girlfriend on a ride on the countryside roads for the rest of the day and have a picnic in a secluded place where you too can be alone with nobody else around.

You can also take your mom shopping or fix an appointment for her on her favorite salon or spa. Let your mom feel that you love her so much by pampering her and letting her take the rest of the day off from house chores that she has been doing for ages and hasn't changed even after you moved out of the house. Or if you donít have the money for your mom's salon getaway, why donít you try letting her dose off for an hour or two and try accomplishing as many house chores you can do for her. And when she wakes up from her sleep she'll see what you did and nothing would ever make her feel better than that (unless itís a 10 karat diamond ring!).

And if you are still living with your parents, how about cleaning your room for your mom? I know that if not some of you, most of you guys out there have your moms telling you to clean your room since you entered grade school until now. Why not try sparing her the burden of reminding you to clean your room for once, at least as a Valentine gift.

How about getting a puppy for your girlfriend? A pet has been a great gift for a lot of occasions. Just make sure that your girlfriend is not allergic to the kind of animal you are going to give her. It is always best to ask her parents what kind of animals she is allergic to. It can be a cat or dog for example. However, if she's not the type of girlfriend who likes hassles on pets try birds, that way she wont have so much hassles with the pet you are going to give her.

These are simple things that we often ignore when thinking of the perfect gifts for our loved ones. They may be simple but will always help you survive the sweetest time of the year without overspending although may require some sacrifices.

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