Game Ideas for a Valentines Party


Parties are already part of every occasion. The event is even made more memorable with all the guests, foods, and activities. Every 14th of February, people celebrate Valentines Day; and just like any other occasion parties are usually held during this time.

If you think only children parties have games, think again, because you can also have games during your Valentines party. If you want a successful and lively party, then try to incorporate these games in your gathering.

Game No. 1

Supply your guest with individual envelopes that contains heart stickers, colored paper, cupid figures, construction paper (white and red), crayons, scissors, library paste, and other bits. From the supply, ask your guests to make a valentine card in nay style. The guests can fancy, pretty, or comic-style designs. This game is very much conducive to jesting, note comparing, and commotion. The guests try to make rhymes, clever verses, or prose. The printed messages will depend entirely on the person's creativity. After all the guests have finished, display all the cards on a mantel. Then decide which card is the cleverest, prettiest, and funniest.

Game No. 2

Ask your guests to write on the back of their envelopes (from game 1) an adjective next to their name. Then collect all the envelopes. Make sure that prior to the party, you have prepared a simple valentine romance story that features your guests as the main characters. Your guests will be unsuspectingly surprised once you read the story with their names preceded by the word they chose to describe themselves. This is a funny game since most of your guest probably chose a word that is inappropriate.

Game No. 3

Clear your dining table. Have six small blocks that bear the letters of the word 'hearts'. In one throw, each guest must roll all the six blocks. From the letters that appear, the guest must make a word or words and keep their own score. One word is equivalent to one point. After the game, the guest with the highest score must be given a prize.

Game No. 4

With this game, you will surely be surprised. Group together your guests who are well-acquainted with each other. Each member of the group must be given four colored cards: gray, blue, brown, and green. The group members will be asked to write down the names of persons having blue eyes on the blue card, gray eyes on the gray card, and brown eyes on the brown card, and those that have green eyes on the green card. Your groups members will be chagrined to find out they are not familiar with the eyes' color of their friends or acquaintance.

All the games can precipitate so much joshing because of their lack of scrutiny. When it's finally time for guests to go home, they will thank you for such a wonderful Valentines party. The different games can brighten your party.

The games mentioned above are really fun to play, especially if your guests are close friends. At the end of each game, each of them will know how familiar they are with their chosen friends.

So what are you waiting for? Organize a Valentines party this coming month of the hearts. And donít forget to incorporate the different games to have a happy and successful party ever.

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