Creatively odd Valentines ideas


When it's the 14th of February, it just so seem that everything else turns red. The streets, the bushes, the billboards all just add up to such a romantic day for all lovers. Well, what could be more special than Valentine's Day? So why not craft your own passionate ideas to express your love to your special someone. Here are some creative ways on how:

• Remember your first date? Perhaps, you were having butterflies in your stomach then or your hands were ice cold. But that was the first day and it should have made a mark. So redesign your Valentines just like the first date the two of you had. Recall what you wore, how you met, where you went and even the topics that you had talked about. Isn't that fully romantic? Surely, you will end up falling for each other again. With the bonus humor because of the funny bloopers during the real first date! • For the woman, make a personal note with kiss prints all over the paper. Literally, seal your letter with a kiss. Do this by wearing dark red lipstick and you'll be able to make unique decorations. For the man, spray your favorite cologne on the paper. Write a simple literary that will touch your partner's emotions. It will be an advantage if you are not really a writer because the woman will absolutely appreciate your efforts for trying! • Prepare your partner's favorite dish and desserts. Well, you can spend the day in the park or somewhere else but your festivity shall include only your crafts. Make him/her feel how willing you are to serve him/her. This will be a truly sweet gesture that'll make this Valentines Day really memorable. • A compliment can be a passionate form of "I love you". Every hour, call your special someone and in each call, tell him the special character that you admired of him/her. There must be a number of good traits that you love about him/her, if not, you shouldn't have stayed up being together. • Reenact the story of the paper rose. Give your partner eleven fresh roses and a mimicry of a real rose. Tell him/her that your love has a limit, and that is only until all the roses had dried up. Of course, that will only happen if the paper or plastic rose would ever wither! • Buy a lottery ticket and encircle only the numbers 1-4-3. Attach a note on it such as "I win a fortune when I met you…" or "When I had you in my life, it's as good as winning the jackpot…" • Prepare a riddle cue. Give your partner a Valentine's note that contains a clue towards the next riddle. The answer of the proceeding riddle should be the location of the next riddle and so on and so forth until the final destination should be your real gift. This will be a lot fun trying to figure out where the next one lies. • And finally, what could be more memorable Valentine than the day of marriage proposal. If you plan to marry the woman and you want a hundred percent approval, make the marriage proposal on the Valentine's Day! It's a perfect chance to make her heart melt.

Valentine's Day is not only for the supreme sweet gestures or words, it is also a chance for the couple to express their love in unique ways. So make each Valentine's Day a day to remember.

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