Couple's Valentines' Idea: a World Love Tour


Valentine is the best time to bring yet another spark in your relationship. If you have given your partner material gifts on previous valentine celebration, then now is a good time to bestow a different valentine gift. Why not surprise her with a “love world tour?”

There are places in the world which are considered “romantic sites.”


Survey shows that Colmar is one of the most romantic places where lovers can profess their love for each other.

It is a town which is situated in Alsace, France. Lovers will easily find a home in the town for it is surrounded with well-preserved old city houses. Moreover, several old churches can bear as witnesses to a lovers’ profession of love.

The town brings you to yesterday where people give too much deference on love.


A romantic environment welcomes you in Venice, Italy. You and your loved one can have an amorous boat ride in the bridges and canals of Venice. Once done with the boat ride, you can take a sweet walk on the different palaces surrounding Venice.

It has been said that the Piazza San Marco brings inspiration to couples. You may want to prove that it indeed brings muse to you as couples.

Lastly, you may want to explore the “Venetian Lagoon” as a Valentine adventure.


Vienna is the “love hub” of Austria. Couples can find lovely places to visit such as parks and the gardens of Vienna. Vienna has been declared as one of the greenest cities in the whole world.

It is not just in the scenic spots of Vienna that you would fall in love. Let the cuisines in Vienna give glow to your love affair. As the wind touches your skin, you and your partner can share a hot chestnut and potato fritters which is a favorite in Vienna. You and your partner should not miss a taste of Vienna’s desserts and cakes.

You can have a “toast for love” in Vienna with its tasty wine. As a couple, share a glass of wine. If you are a married couple, perhaps the last time you shared a glass of wine was during your wedding day. Vienna is the only city in the world which has its own world class vineyard.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

“Almost paradise…” that is the perfect description of this place in Germany. As a couple, you will have the chance to be closer with the environment where material things cease to exist.

When you are in the castle premises of Schloss Neuschwanstein, you will forget that you two are ordinary lovers.


Some say that Paris is the “Paradise of Romance.” There were thousands of lovers who profess their love towards their partner in this city in every unique way they can think of.

On your Paris visit, you should not miss to take a walk on the Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. You may relive the stories behind those great landmarks.

If you or your loved one appreciates the beauty and eccentricity of art, then there are numerous museums in the city where you can share the exquisiteness of the human creativity.

Romantic locations are “sparking” factors to remind you and your partner of the love you share everyday. Every location, every nook or corner you go, even on ordinary streets must be shared with moments of love.

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