A Valentine Idea Spent With Jesus Christ


Valentine Jesus does not send perfume

To linger in the air

Instead He sends salvation, sweet

To show how much He cares.

--an excerpt from a poem "Valentine's day With Jesus"

Whenever Valentine's Day are about to approach, the phrase "be my Valentine" keeps on running in our minds.

Probably, you have said the phrase to your special someone for couple of times already. But have you ever mention it to God even just once?

It has been customary for people, especially for youths, that whenever February 14 steps in, there will be cupids, flowers, chocolates and cards. Everything that symbolizes affection, they are all in.

But this Valentines Day, will you be able to forget all this mushiness and spend it with God?

Spending Valentine with Jesus is not impossible. And it doesn't mean that you stay inside of the church and pray all throughout the day. You can do it by simply sharing your faith using this especial day for the hearts.

As we all know, love is the focus of Valentines Day. People become happy because they get love in the form of gifts. While there are some who did not receive any, yet they remain happy because they feel loved. Both of these ideas can come up to a wonderful talk about Jesus Christ and His love.

Love is the supreme gift Jesus can give to His children. And His love is the love that never goes out of season. His love is for everyone. So why deprive Him yours?

You can spend the spirit of Valentines Day with Jesus by simply sharing His gospel. Here's how?

Talk with a friend, ask him what his plan is for Valentines Day. Surely, his answer will be one of the situations that have been mentioned above.

Assume that you are talking with a girl. If she is determined with her plan, you can also mention that Jesus prepares a gift for her that she'll surely love. Tell her that Jesus gift is far better than the gift her boyfriend will give her.

If your friend insisted that she really do not agree and finds it odd, you can tell her what the gift is--an eternal life with Jesus Christ--a gift that will rescue her from an eternal life in hell. And Jesus will be grateful is she will accept that gift.

If she agrees and is glad with the idea, you can also encourage her to share the gift to other friends.

One thing more, tell your friends that they can invite their sweethearts in doing it. With the presence of God, their Valentines date will be more special

Another option that you can do aside from conversing with your friends is to distribute a copy to them. But be sure it would inspire them to share with your plan to spend their Valentines Day with Jesus.

Select the gospel which you think will fit the occasion. Share His love through His message, and let it start from your hands.

If many people will be inspired of this Valentines idea, surely, there will be soldiers of cupid made up by Christians.

So, spend an inspiring Valentines Day with Jesus!

Jesus came to earth and gave the greatest gift of love possible…His own life. (John 15:12-13)

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